You're hella attractive!:3 I think my jaw dropped a littlesmolderingtroyler

Aw thank you ;)

What program do you use to edit your videos? ― Anonymous

Adobe premiere CS6

Come off anon so I can answer privately for all video editing questions etc c:

I was watching your video and it froze as you cursed and the face it froze on just made me laugh a little. Loved the video!

how old are you? ― Anonymous

17 c:


Get in that self promo

Surely it can’t be thaaaat bad Troye?


I started this blog 9 months ago in hopes that I would get at least 100 followers and be able to strengthen my love for Tyler Oakley even more. I never thought that in 9 months I would gain 20,000 new people to call my best friends. I am blown away by everything this fandom is capable of and I can’t wait to see what amazingness we still have in store together as a family.

Here are some people that have really changed my life. Please, go follow them and tell them I sent you. I love you all to the moon and back <3 


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My One and Only’s <3

tillyoakley- Cassie, I love you soo so so soo much. You are honestly the internet bestie I always wished for and now I can’t imagine my life without our panic stricken fangirl conversations over text and our tweets to Meijer. Meeting you in person was the highlight to my existence and I can’t wait for our adventures both online and in person. I love you <3

tyleroakleyisjesus- SAMuEL. I adore absolutely adore everything about you. Life on the internet wouldn’t be the same without you boo <3 Thank you for being so supportive and dealing with me in general. I love youu.

tilly-oakley- Sara! You have followed me since the beginning and that just means a whole lot to me. You are the strongest girl I know and I know I can come to you with anything. Stay beautiful, beautiful girl <3

tyleroakley- Tyler. Tilly. (Oh lord this is going to be long) None of this would be possible without you. It’s because of you that our little family on Tumblr has formed and it’s because of you that I have met some of my favorite people on this planet. Every moment you take to acknowledge my existence literally makes me the happiest I remember being. I NEVER thought in a MILLION years that when I made this blog you would be so supportive of both the blog and myself. Thanks for all those times you have reeled me in (lord knows I need it sometimes) and I truly, honestly feel like I can call you a friend and that blows my mind. I love you Tyler Oakley <3

such an amazing milestone chase, you deserve all of your followers, you have a flawless blog and I’m sure you have many more to come in the future! Congrats bea ♥

your new icon SLAYS me ― Anonymous

You like? Wasn’t to sure myself hehe :) 

Should I keep it as this or change it to my original?